Magic of Spring

An Indian summer, especially in the Gangetic plains is beautifully announced by spring. While we celebrate spring with festivals like Basant Panchmi, Dol Utsav, Holi, Chaitra Navratri and Bihu, nature has its own celebration. The green sentinels of roads and gardens know that it is safe to turn on their effort and grow, as spring is the season for new beginnings.

The magic is on...

A magic called spring is touching the roadside Gulmohar trees that had sacrificed their leaves to freezing winter. The king of seasons Basant is encouraging new foliage on the trees that looked practically dead for a month or so.

Late winter seasonals grace lawns, balconies, verandahs and rooftops. Nasturtiums, calendula, dahlia, gladioli, roses, asters, phlox, and many unnamed but familiar wild flowers toss their heads to the crisp basanti-breeze; which will turn into the dreaded loo in summer.

Sunflowers take the baton from winter-seasonals and promise to go a long florid way well into the hot summer

Sunflowers take the baton from winter-seasonals and promise to go a long florid way well into the hot summer. Lemon trees, chandni and white oleanders scent the morning and evening air. Busy bees flit around them in joyous company all day.

Mulberry clumps having said goodbye to old leaves, hasten a new crop of leaf, flower and fruit. Pedestrians and birds invite themselves to the juicy bounty in shades of red and purple amidst sprigs of new leaves.

The chilbil is in time with the mangoes. As the mangoes will await picking, packing and transportation in summer, the chilbil will send its winged fruit to one and all with each passing gust of breeze.

The neem tree on the crossroad, which suffered due to bonfires lit under its green canopy to keep away from the dripping fog by roadside dwellers; is now reviving with a bout of fresh energy that comes with spring. The peepal with its soft, almost transparent green and reddish leaves twirling in testimony hail the invigorating touch of Rituraj Basant.

Yes, spring is in the air. And with the fragrance and flowers, the mosquitoes are here too! The change in weather is just as they like it. They hover over our heads if we linger over our cup of tea past sunset in the garden or verandah.

Well, spring is a package deal, like all else in life. Roses come with thorns and lively spring brings with it, six legged mosquiotes to share our life past sunset. No regrets, life is beautiful!

Anisha Sharma
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