Fasting for good health

Fasting, or abstinence from food helps the body detoxify and cleanse itself, says holistic health consultant Vivek Bhardwaj `Jeevan’...

The ancient Rishis of India, after minute observation, found functioning of the body and mind to be interconnected. They discovered that the kind of food we eat ascertains our thought processes. Fasting or abstinence from food or a certain food type was advised by them to help the body get rid of accumulated toxins.

Toxins, primarily result from a weak digestive system. Lack of physical exercise just adds to the problem.

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The kind of food we eat ascertains our thought processes

It is necessary to keep the body free of toxins. Toxins, if allowed to remain in the body, affect the mind negatively. The mind then expands in Tamsik qualities, and gets stuck in an illusory belief system of limitations. It becomes incapable of performing optimally and experiences suffering due to a illusions.

Having observed this, the Rishis devised a way. They linked abstinence from food and consequent detoxification of body with sacred festivities like Navratri, Shiv Ratri, Ekadashi, etc. The suggested menu for fasting is plenty of fruit and water.

Water, when infused with tulsi leaves, makes a therapeutic Ayurvedic medicine to balance body and mind. Tulsi leaves have traditionally been offered to avatars of Vishnu, and the prasad tasted by devotees. Tulsi is a wonder herb for mind-body-spirit's well being.

Staying with a diet of fruit and water for a day or certain number of days while practising Pranayam breathing exercises and proximity of God or divinity within our heart, was the original purpose for recommending fasting. If practised correctly, fasting is a complete package for uplifting the body-mind-spirit sync, and revitalising daily life.

Vivek Bhardwaj 'Jeevan'
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