Commonsense Ayurveda

Ayurveda is all about a healthy lifestyle. It preempts illness, and cures disease. Dr Sharath Kumar, BAMS Ayurvedic medicine & surgery and MD Kaya Chikitsa (medicine), practicing Kerala Ayurveda, enlightens on this holistic healing system...

Quoting a Sanskrit couplet from Charak Samhita, the bible of Ayurveda, Dr Kumar unveils the seed of good health:
Samdosh Samagnishch Samdhatu Malkriya,
Prasann Atmendriya Manah Swastha Ityabhidiyate.
-Charak Samhita

This couplet has guided traditional Vaidyas, students of Ayurveda and lay people about the principles of this traditional wisdom which is truly timeless. The Sanskrit shloka means: When the three doshas -- vata, pitta and kapha are balanced, the digestive fire is balanced.

Common Ayurveda

Ayurveda views all illness to begin with a weak digestive fire

Consequently, the seven dhatus, materials that make the body are balanced. Following which, the waste elimination system works properly. With all bodily function attuned in perfection, the mind is naturally at peace and not in turmoil. Such a state is a happy one for the body and mind, and defines a person in good health.

Know yourself

Really, health is not difficult to achieve and maintain. It takes Ayurveda's common sense to get one started. Sadvrut or lifestyle controls your state of wellness or illness.

Modifications according to body type, seasons, time of the day, and more factors are taken into consideration while making health-giving modifications in lifestyle. Dr Sharath speaks of the basic tenets of diagnosis: Nidan, Samprapti and Lakshan. An Ayurvedic physician uses Prashn, Sparsh and Darshan to find out the causative factors of the imbalance or disease, which is Nidan. Samprapti is the next step: determining the damage caused by the causative factors. And, lastly, it is Lakshan or obvious symptoms of the problem. Prashn, Sparsh and Darshan; questioning, touching and seeing are the only tools an Ayurvedic physician needs to tackle the myriad health disorders that a human body is capable of!

It comes as a surprise, but Dr Sharath Kumar assures, "In Ayurveda, clinical tests such as X-rays, blood tests, and the rest are not required, as an expert physician has other simpler tools of Prashn, Sparsh and Darshan by his side."

Distance learning for Ayurveda enthusiasts

The simplicity of Ayurveda also lies in its scientific layout, which can be broadly understood by the common man. Now that Ayurveda is gaining popularity and people are training as Ayurvedic therapists through distance learning courses, it is imperative to note the importance of practical experience.

Panchkarma to detoxify and rejuvenate

Traditional Vaidyashalas in Kerala, under the tutelage of experienced Vaidya and Ayurvedic doctors (their contemporary avatar) administer traditional Panchkarma treatments. Panchkarma, consists of five detoxication therapies, including Vaman, Virechan, Nasya karma, Asthapan Vasti and Anuvasan Vasti.

Panchkarma administered with utmost precision detoxifies completely. Improper Panchkarma equals injuring a poisonous snake, which then can strike again, cautions Dr Sharath.

Digestive power

Other than Panchkarma detoxification, it is diet or Pathya which determines health. Ayurveda views all illness to begin with a weak digestive fire.

The body stands a lot of lifestyle abuse before it voices its pain through disease, giving us lots of time to correct our ways. What say, ready to take on the commonsense of Ayurveda to get a handle on good health? Watch this space…

[Dr Sharath Kumar's Kerala Ayurvedic Centre is located in Lucknow India, and he can be reached at +91-522-3251985 or]

Anisha Sharma
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