In Greece for a week

Prof. Nishi Pandey from Lucknow University visited Greece. She tracked eminent temples, theatres and art while here at this epitome of ancient European civilization. Athens, Acropolis, Nafplion, Arachova and Delphi revealed their secrets on a week long tour here.

Theatre buff

My love for theatre saw me gallivanting around the theatre circuit in Greece.

In Greece with Prof Nishi Pandey

With Athens as the starting point, it was great exploring theatres, cafes and meeting intellectuals here. My local host and friend Lia Karavia took me around theatres and meeting points where we discussed art and culture over coke and coffee.

Ancient Greece: the Indian connection

Mustard and paddy growing wild around temple ruins...

Athens, Acropolis, Nafplion, Arachova and Delphi unravelled their millennia old secrets. Mustard and paddy grows wild around temple ruins, bringing the connection to my mind that mustard and rice must have been offered in worship to the Greek gods as we still do in India. Pagan worship of forces of nature in Greek culture strikes a cord with India.


The Acropolis at Athens is essentially dedicated to Athena Parthenos, goddess of wisdom, after whom Athens is named. Acropolis is beautiful beyond imagination! World famed Epidaures amphitheatre, Temple of Zeus, Palace of Agamemnon and Temple of Oracles of Delphi are truly worth a visit. A friendly local girl played at her flute at the Epidaures and we scrambled to the top to hear the music loud and clear. Wonderful acoustics!

Agean blue

Greek houses generally painted white with dashes of Agean blue, bright red and citrine yellow strike harmony. City streets speak loud of ancient heritage.

Nudes with a difference

I noticed that though male nude statues abound at street corners and museums, female statues are always draped in flowing garments. Food for thought!

Greek cuisine: street food

Plaka square with boulevards and street side eating joints saw me sampling a lot of Greek cuisine, which I found not very unlike that of India. Digging into Moussaka, layered and baked mince and cheese, Tzatziki and a variety of salads, I picked up recipes and have perfected my hand at some Greek dishes.

Kiwis, melons, oranges, bananas…the bounty of fruit in this Mediterranean country is an added treat.

Shopping for Art

Greece is a treasure house for art. I bought a miniature Grecian urn, terracotta cups, a Byzantine painting of Christ, metal masks, plaster of paris artefacts, a male nude stone sculpture and to top it all, a Greek cap with tassles a la the uniformed presidential guards!

Anisha Sharma
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