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Walking on the sea bed with our heads out of water! Unthinkably wonderful!

With three months of gallivanting across the US, Canada, and London, brothers - Prem Anand, Ram Anand and Krishna Anand Tripathi had a whale of a time. They share their experiences  here…

Flying across New York, San Francisco, Dayton, Cincinnati, Austin, Tobago and Miami, we discovered different facets of 'the States'. New York's Manhattan and Times Square were cool! That's where we stayed awake to soak in the city's glitzy nightlife.

Welcome to New York city :-)

New York's mini India – Queens was truly delightful! It was a joy to find India living right here! Everything from our multi-cuisines down to the Banarasi Paan were available.

As we are great Hollywood fans, we didn't find the States a huge novelty. Everything seemed familiar, except the rigorous security-checking that Asians had to go through at most places. UK had relatively lesser bias for Asians as such.

New York city

New York in many ways reminds of Mumbai; packed to capacity - affluence, diversity, and even beggars! Transportation was a problem by night in New York as well as good ol' London. The tube-trains and taxis serve well by day, but late night nothing stirs so to say!

Miami's beaches with crystal blue water were tantalizing! Tobago and Trinidad with almost 50% Indian population that too from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar was almost home! Indians having made prosperity their identity are wary of kidnapping, we were told by resident locals who became our friends.

Chutney music based on our folk music was delightful. Jamaican music too was great.

Tobago - Home to Indians

The govt. in Tobago has earmarked areas for touristy fun. We went for snorkeling and walking in the middle of the sea! We were taken to an area by boat where the coral was dead and would not be affected by human interference. It was some experience! Walking on the sea bed with our heads out of water! Unthinkably wonderful!

Getting to know Texas

Houston and Austin in Texas with wild flower farms reclaimed from the desert and horse ranches were exciting. Mexican food in Texas was great for us vegetarians. Otherwise we had been reading labels vigorously and stocking on cereal and protein bars to see us through the day.

San Antonio limestone caves near Austin were a marvel of nature. Near Cincinnati, Dayton's Air Force Museum caught our fancy in a big way, with all American war planes at display plus a real nuclear bomb that we could touch!

San Jose

Roller coaster rides at San Jose were wonderful. Dolphin and killer whale shows were fun.

San Francisco, here we come!

San Francisco captured our attention with its well-planned layout and streets designed like a never ending roller-coaster! That was a novelty. We enjoyed shopping best in America as it was the cheapest with a huge variety to pick from and wonderful service. We even changed an article we had bought from one city in another city. We bought clothes and gadgets. In Canada there were 15% taxes on everything so we had to pay more.


Green-green Canada was fun, except that the term vegetarian was unheard of! And a lot of French was spoken which was alien to us. We had a tough time telling the serving guys that salmon and ham were not vegetarian stuff!

The 52nd floor restaurant was good for us. CN tower with a glass celing from where we could see the base was remarkable, as were the panoramic Niagara Falls.

Toronto had lots of Indians. At Montreal we checked out an ongoing car carnival. We saw great modified cars and even rented a big all-terrain truck army Hummer H2 to get a thrill.

Shortcut to sightseeing in London - London Eye

London was old, scenic, and had lots of friendly people. We even rented a cottage on the outskirts to breathe in the clean countryside.

The Wax museum in London was better than that at New York. The huge ferris wheel at the bank of river Thames ' The London Eye' was really a nice way of getting to know the city.

Anisha Sharma
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Where in U.P.were these brothers from? Sounds like they had a good time!

Alexis on Wednesday, April 1, 2009

they're from lucknow. UP's capital :-)

anisha on Thursday, April 2, 2009

I acutally wanted to talk to the writer of this article. Any way to contact Anisha?

Radha on Friday, October 2, 2009

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