Women of India

women of india

Women retain the world as a livable place.

In the Himalayas, women not only think and make ends meet in their homes, they also get things moving where physical toil is required. They turn out to be not only bread-makers, but bread-winners too. Men in the hills, well a lot many of them take to the army or migrate to cities to earn money. The ones that are left behind, almost unanimously love the bottle. 'Surya Ast Pahaar Mast' they say with a twinkle in their eyes. I heard a folk song on radio while on a trip to Garhwal. The soulful voice of a local made me understand the gist that the Tehri dam may not drown Garhwal, but liquor will certainly drown all.

Women in the hills take on everything from bearing and rearing babies to tending their fields and marketing the goods, at the same time renewing daily efforts to snatch their men away from the golden bottles that cost them sweat-earned money. The sun in the hills is very strong when it is out, and work means working in the fields or tending the cattle, chopping firewood, physically strenuous work, all of it! Led by nature's strength of bearing and caring, women take on everything that comes their way. And rightly in our culture, the first person worthy of worship is Matru Devo Bhavah, then comes Pitru Devo Bhavah. Even after that comes Acharya Devo Bhavah. The ancient Rishis of Bhaarat gave mothers the first place of honour. The father and Guru only follow. In the Gita, Bhagwan Sri Krishna, says that in the feminine qualities He manifests as fame, fortune, eloquence in speech, memory, intelligence, patience and forgiveness.

Mother's day in May is just a reminder to salute the mater. Women retain the world as a livable place. Mother Teresa lived to care for the uncared. The mothers in Kashmir daily live in fear and concern for the welfare of their children.

Women have more to fight for today. Personal rights are a focal point worldwide, and feminists still exist, but by and large every feminist is one that believes in the magic of womanhood; the power to change the world for the better; the latent power that resides in every woman to be SUPERWOMAN.

Anisha Sharma
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