Trek to Chandi Devi, Haridwar – Photo journal

In Haridwar, all roads do lead to river Ganga :-)

Birla bridge, Haridwar

Birla bridge, Haridwar

The starting point for our trek, Birla bridge overlooking the red-spired Birla temple, is a busy place. Got an auto here to take us to the base of the hill across Neel Dhara Ganga.

Birla bridge, Haridwar

This is April, and the force of the river is amazing! No rains so far, the waters are pure snow-melt.

The less taken path

Trek to Chandi Devi, Haridwar

The auto driver dropped us at a stall selling fruit and flowers, which devotees take as a tribute to Chandi Devi. Alongside the decorative stall, smelling of incense and apples, a narrow, part-cemented track led us up the hill. There is a ropeway trolley service up the hill, but we preferred to climb. The climb is steep :-)

Higher we go

Trek to Chandi Devi, Haridwar

And higher still

Trek to Chandi Devi, Haridwar

A shortcut is irresistible :-) This rough track carved by rain water channels is even more fun than the winding cemented road.

At the temple

At Chandi Devi temple, Haridwar

Chandi Devi temple is right on the peak of this hill. Renovation work is on at the moment in the temple premises, and this lion, a vehicle of Chandi Devi seems pleased with his new surroundings.

Red, gold, green and blue are the presiding colours here. Red and gold of Chandi Devi herself. And her beautiful smile! Green and blue of the view from the top! River Ganga, the city of Haridwar and the Shivaliks – a stretch of blues blending into greens.

Trek to Chandi Devi, Haridwar

Taking the well-trodden path :-)

Trek to Chandi Devi, Haridwar

The broad road down provided more variation in views. The entire hillside is fragrant with a tree variety which is in bloom – delicate cream blossoms share their scent…

Flower trees on Chandi devi hill, Haridwar

Enjoying a summer cucumber

A mule enjoying a summer cucumber

A mule happily partakes of fresh cucumbers as he waits for orders to trudge back downhill. Mules bring supplies to the temple and shops.

Food and drink

Food and drink on the trek path to Chandi Devi

Chips, lemon-juice (shikanji) and soft-drinks too! Shikanji any day on such a vibrant summer day…

Food and drink on the trek path to Chandi Devi

And matar chaat?

Matar Chaat Street Food Haridwar India

Beads, bangles, rudraaksh, yantras, anyone?

Stall selling beads on the trek route to Chandi Devi

Nearly back

Trek route, Chandi Devi, Hardwar

Back to River Ganga. Where else?

River Ganga, Trek route, Chandi Devi, Hardwar

In Haridwar, all roads do lead to the river Ganga and its canals.

[Photo credit: Anisha and Naval Sharma]


Anisha Sharma
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A must read article. "Ganga", is such a powerful and influencing name which in itself rejuvenates you from all the stress of urban world. We need more such articles.

Rohit Sharma on Friday, March 20, 2009

thanks, i'd love to read a photo-journal from hartola

anisha on Saturday, March 21, 2009

Lovely Anisha! Keep up the good work!! 'So near and yet so far'- that perhaps describes best your 'Chandi devi' trek for us, living so close by. Really, wish to make the trek ourselves some time. But the same goes for you too. You were so close to Mussoorie and yet you didn't make it to the Hill Station, just 2 & a 1/2 hours journey from Haridwar. Perhaps, Mussoorie could have featured in one of your treks!! So, do try and make it. There are a few short treks that can be written about too, here in Mussoorie.

Pamposh, Rajan & Abhijai on Thursday, March 26, 2009

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Pema Tshiri sherpa on Tuesday, June 9, 2009

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