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Braj bhajan, Jadoo bharee Mohan ki muraliya, Lyrics and meaning

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Bhajan Lyrics

जादू भरी मोहन की मुरलिया, जादू भरी…

सब खांवे, प्रभु खावत नाही
जब खावे, तब माखन मिसरिया
जादू भरी मोहन की मुरलिया, जादू भरी…

सब ताकें, प्रभु ताकत नाही
जब ताके, तब तिरछी नजरिया
जादू भरी मोहन की मुरलिया, जादू भरी…

सब नाचें, प्रभु नाचत नाही
जब नाचे, तब ता ता ता थैया
जादू भरी मोहन की मुरलिया, जादू भरी…

सब बोलें, प्रभु बोलत नाही
जब बोले, तब राधा गुजरिया
जादू भरी मोहन की मुरलिया, जादू भरी…

Meaning of bhajan: Jadoo bharee Mohan ki muraliya...

Krishna's flute works like magic on us, Brajvasis (in a broader meaning, devotees). We see his charming ways in day to day life.

When we find everyone eating, He doesn't. He eats only when he gets butter topped with candy.

Everyone looks around openly, not Krishna. Krishna gives naughty, sidelong glances.

When everyone dances, we don't see Krishna dancing. But when he does, he dances with abandon.

We find everyone speaking, not Krishna. When Krishna utters a word, it is the name of Radha :-)

This Braj bhajan sung by Anisha Sharma is in celebration of Braj culture, where Raag seva was a predominant sadhna, as per Swami Haridas, Hit-Harivansh, Meera Bai, Ras-khan, Asht-chhap sakhas Surdas, Kumbhan Das, Parmanand Das, and others...

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