Krishna bhajan by Jagjit Singh, Tum meri rakho laaj Hari

I have lost discretion. Please help me, Krishna.

Lyrics of Krishna bhajan: Tum mori rakho laaj Hari

तुम मेरी राखो लाज हरि

तुम जानत सब अन्तरयामी

करनी कछु न करी

तुम मेरी राखो लाज हरि

औगुन मोसे बिसरत नाहीं

पल चिन घरी घरी

तुम मेरी राखो लाज हरि

दारा, सुत, धन, मोह लिये हौं

सुध बुध सब बिसरी

अब मोरी राखो लाज हरि

सूर पतित को बेगि उबारो

अब मोरी नांव भरी

तुम मेरी राखो लाज हरि

Meaning of Krishna bhajan: Tum mori rakho laaj Hari

 Krishna bhajan by Jagjit SinghSurdas says: Krishna, please help. You know everything. I have not done any good deeds. I am blinded by attachment to wife, child (family) and money. I have lost discretion. Please help. Water has seeped into the boat of my life, and it is deemed to sink. Please help.

Jagjit Singh in a live performance at Iskcon's Hare Krishna temple, Juhu, Mumbai. The bhajan has been written by Bhakti saint, Surdas, a disciple of Mahaprabhu Vallabhacharya. He was one of the Asht-sakha poets in the temple of Srinath ji when the deity was still on Govardhan hill.

Surdas, like Mira Bai has been a great contributor to Braj sahitya, the literature of Vrindavan.

He was a contemporary of Aurangzeb, and was residing in Mathura when the temple of Keshav Katra Dev (now Sri Krishna janmabhoomi temple) was demolished, according to his biography Khanjan Nayan written by Hindi litterateur Amrit Lal Nagar. The biography makes an interesting read, sprinkled with Surdas's poems on Krishna.

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