What will you do with your mind, asks Sri Sri Ravishankar

People cling to their desires till death and drag them all back with them again to the worldly plane where they can be fulfilled. ~ Swami Rama

Sri Sri Ravishankar, art of livingSri Sri Ravishankar says that the mind leaves the body and goes with the soul at the time of death. This mind gives us enough trouble in life, the chattering, restless mind… "How will you handle your mind?" was his question during the advanced course curriculum at the Art of Living Ashram, Bangalore.

Art of Living Ashram, Bangalore
Vishalakshi Mandap, Art of Living Ashram, Bangalore

I found the answer in Sudarshan kriya and sehaj samadhi :-) They culture the mind.

When the mind is settled, peace and correct decisions happen automatically.

Yoga guru Sri BKS Iyengar says, "Mind is the king of the senses and the breath is the king of the mind. And if the nerves, nervous system which is about 6,000 miles in our system has a rhythmic vibration then that rhythmic vibration of the nerves becomes the king of the breath." Therefore breath is a handle to the mind.

Among other benefits, Pranayam, Sudarshan kriya, and meditation help us handle the mind.

Anisha Sharma
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