Love or attachment ~ Swami Rama

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Non-attachment means pure love. Non- attachment means love without an object.

There is something wrong with your love. You need something. You need someone to be loved. It means your love is so poor, so weak, so meek that it leans on something. Because it needs an object.

You need a little baby, you need someone - husband, you need someone, a bag of bones and flesh to love. And if you go on seeing that you love this man, that man is not the same whom I got married to. He looked tender, he looked gentle, he looked so friendly, now everything has changed.

This sort of love that flies away is not considered love. That is considered attachment. When your love is mingled, inseparably mingled with non attachment, that love is considered to be higher love.

You are a house-holder; to practice that you'll be attaining, not the body, body you already have. You'll be attaining something beyond, who is controlling, who is the governor, who is the real centre of motivation consciousness within you, Atman.

You forget the aim and you expand more in the external world. Your love remains limited to the flesh, and you do not go inside that frame which is called body, you see. That is called Atman, you do not go beyond that body to the centre of Atman.

That love which does not grow is not love, Then what it is? It is called attachment. Attachment is mother of all miseries.

~ Swami Rama


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solving the mystery of love.... thanks aparna :-)

anisha on Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Vrindavan bhajan, a folk song from 500 years ago, by Saint Surdas, मेरो मुख नीको, कि तेरो राधा प्यारी

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