Shrot Muni Ashram, Vrindavan Photo Journal

Shrot Muni Ashram in Vrindavan is perhaps the largest ashram in Vrindavan. It lies on the right of the main road from Attalla Chungi to Vidyapeeth Chauraha in vrindavan. It was founded by Guru Gangeshwaranand ji. He was a Vedic scholar and devotee of Krishna. He also established ashrams in Haridwar (Niranjani Akhara Road) and Mumbai. The ashram has a beautiful museum which archives the life and teachings of Guru Gangeshwarananad. This ashram in Vrindavan has a temple dedicated to the Vedas and Sri Radha Krishna, Shiva and the tradition of enlightened masters.

Shrot Muni Ashram, Vrindavan

Shrot Muni Ashram, Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh

Thakur Sri Ved Bihariji Temple

Shrot Muni Ashram, Vrindavan

Shrot Muni Ashram, Vrindavan

Timings for opening of different temples of Vrindavan, Mathura, Govardhan, Gokul, Nandgaon and Barsana

Timings for opening of temples in Vrindavan

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