Artists, Padmashri Prof Ranbir Singh Bisht and Prof Vimala Bisht, Lucknow, India

An acrylic painting by RS Bisht from the ‘Blue Series’, inspired by the Garhwal Himalayas

Artist Ranbir Singh Bisht

We have had two hundred years of varying systems of art education. This creates a challenge to any art-educationist. It is a well accepted fact that if we have to prepare students, we have to train them in such a manner so that they may imbibe the spirit of adventure to meet future challenges that will be thrown up by the new technological culture and not only in contemporary art but in other art forms like advertising, graphics, pottery, industrial, textile, weaving, etc. ~ Prof. RS Bisht

Indian Artist Ranbir Singh BishtLate Profs. Ranbir Singh and Vimala Bisht’s house is a treasure house of paintings. Vimla Bisht was acomplished in ceramic and terracotta work. Though the professors are no more, their house cum studio is an art lover’s delight in Lucknow, India. Padmashri Prof. RS Bisht was Principal at College of Fine Arts and an accomplished painter.

Their daughters Romila, Barila and Pushpila keep the arty spirit alive here. They shifted here from the palatial official residence of the Principal of Arts College and coloured this little house in Indiranagar with their passion for art.

The entrance itself is done up with hand-made ceramic tiles made by Vimla herself. A marble horse made by Ranbir has strong bonds with their  childhood. It retains its place of honour along with other pieces of sculpture and pottery in the garden which is lined with giant sunflowers.

Stairs leading to the artists’ studio on the first floor are accompanied by miniature landscape paintings by Prof R S Bisht. The studio itself is a hall, which opens into a balcony shaded by greens. The high walls are completely covered with wall-sized acrylic paintings and watercolour wash paintings, with themes as varied as life itself. Sculptures in wood, ceramic, cement and terracotta open the mind to the artists’ imagination. Daylight touches the room through glass along the high ceiling. Ceiling lights add a star-light effect to enhance the magic of the studio. Prof RS Bisht’s last wash-painting lies very still on the table, waiting for finishing touches. His 3 year old grandson Rajvir’s exploratory spree in red alongside the artist’s unfinished painting reassures that the studio still lives.

Starring: Sculpted Rocking horse in marble

Prof RS Bisht, India

The Artists’ Studio

Prof RS Bisht, India

Prof RS Bisht, Artist, India

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