Common Flowers in Bangalore in August, Rainy Season Photo Journal 1

Bangalore is the city of flowers to me. Though I have yet to visit its world famous Lalbagh Botanical Gardens, I clicked these flowers at the outskirts of the city, The Art of Living International Center.

Location: The Art of Living International Center, 21st Kanakapura Road, Udayapura, Bangalore, India

Crossandra, Orange flower used to make garlands and hair ornament – Gajra in Bangalore, India

Orange gajra flower, Crossandra, Bangalore, India, Rainy season flower

Jasmine, roses and chrysanthemums are the other flowers commonly used for Gajras and garlands.

Temple tree flower, Plumeria, India

Temple tree flower, Plumeria, India

Plumeria is a fragrant flower used in worship, hair ornaments. Plumeria trees are commonly used to pretty up any roadside in India. Pink, peach and yellow are some of its other colours.

Red Hibiscus, India

Red hibiscus, Japa kusum, Japa pushp, India

This red hibiscus or Japa kusum, Japa Pushp is used to worship Devi, Mother Divine. Shops outside Kamakhya temple in Assam sell garlands of hibiscus.

Pink Hibiscus, Bnagalore, India

Pink hibiscus, Bangalore, India Garden

India has many kinds of hibiscus shrubs. They grow easily and require little care. They add colour in the rainy season.

More flowers from Bangalore.

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