Garden herbs of India, Day 2, Peet Bhringraj for healthy liver

My grandmother plucked some leaves from the undergrowth near the garden tap, with great care. She was happy to have found the remedy for her stomachache. It was the Bhangra plant or creeper, or Bhringaraj as it is better known in Ayurvedic medicine. I was not surprised that this garden weed was a valuable Ayurvedic medicine. My dogs often eat away most of the leaves of Bhringraj, the moment they find it.

bhringaraj (2)

This one had tiny daisy-like bluish flowers, and there was another variety close by with tiny white flowers.

I saw a third variety of Bhringraj with larger leaves and yellow flowers at The Art of Living International Center at Bangalore. It was all over the hillside down from Vishalakshi Mandap. Dr Manikanthan and Dr Nisha Manikanthan, both Ayurvedic Doctors based at the Art of Living International Center in Bangalore, are great enthusiasts in guiding how to plant an Ayurvedic herb garden. They travel extensively to spread awareness of ‘Ayurvedic Jagriti’.

Peet Bhringaraj at The Art of Living International Center, Bangalore

Acharya Balkrishna explains the medicinal uses of Bhringraj herb.

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