Storytelling, an introduction to Sundarkand for young people, Part 1

This is an introduction to Sundarkand for young people. Sundarkand is chapter 5 of a 500 year old book written by Goswami Tulsidas ji, 'Sri Ram Charitmanas'. It was written in Awadhi dialect in Devnagari script. The story of Ram is about 7000 years old. It begins at Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh and moves on to the Southern tip of India. In this episode, a group of searchers from the state of Kishkindha is looking for Sita ji, Ram's wife kidnapped by Ravan.

From this point in the story, Hanuman ji, an able team member is reminded of his strength and rises to the occasion, never to go back to his small sense of self or his limited personality. There are several versions of this epic story of Ram of Ayodhya. The earliest being Valmiki Ramayan, written by sage Valmiki, a contemporary of Ram ji.

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