Vrindavan bhajan, a folk song from 500 years ago, by Saint Surdas, मेरो मुख नीको, कि तेरो राधा प्यारी

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vrindavan bhajan mero mukh neeko

This bhajan from Vrindavan is part of the rich Indian oral tradition of music. It was first composed and sung by Suradas ji, disciple of Mahaprabhu Vallabhacharya ji. Surdas ji was blessed to be an Ashtsakha of Sri Govardhan Nath ji. Sreeji (Sri Govardhan Nath ji) was earlier at Govardhan, and then moved to Nathadwara in Rajasthan. This song is from about 500 years ago and it is written in Brajbhasha. Singer and illustrator - Anisha Sharma

Who is an Ashtsakha? Read here.

In this beautiful bhajan, poet Saint Surdas depicts an unparalled conversation between the divine and the devotee; both playing both roles simultaneously.

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji says that Krishna is love and Radha is longing. They are inseparable. Where there is love, there is longing.

Bhajan Lyrics

मेरो मुख नीको, कि तेरो राधा प्यारी?

दरपन हाथ लिये नंद-नंदना,साची कहो वृषभानु-दुलारी।

हम से कहो, तुम ही क्यों न देखो, हम गोरी तुम श्याम बिहारी,

मेरो मुख जैसो चंदा उजियारो, तुमरो मुख जैसे रैन अंधियारी,

तेरो नयनन में मोटो-मोटो कजरा, हमरे नयन में तुम बनवारी,

तुम तो नख पर गिरिवर धार्यो, हम उर धारि रहे गिरधारी,

सूर श्याम या छवि की शोभा, इन नयनन सो टरत ना टारी।

Krishna looking at a mirror in his hand, asks Radha, ‘between the two of us, whose face is better?’ Radha, the devotee replies, ‘Don’t you see the obvious?! My face is like the full moon and yours is like the dark night (both compliment each other as the moon cannot be seen without the night sky and the night sky is so vacant without the moon!).’ She continues, ‘Your eyes are beautifully defined by black Kajal, while my eyes are pretty because your image reflects in my eyes. Also, you only lifted the Govardhan hill on your little finger nail, but i carry you, the lifter of Govardhan in my heart!’ Surdas ji says, ‘I cannot forget this divine image of the two, the divine and devotee as one.’

Let us listen to the original poem cum song cum bhajan here…

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