5 things to know about Jungle Babblers in Lucknow, India

jungle babblers in Lucknow bird festival uttar pradesh

Jungle Babblers around my home in Lucknow, make it festival time every day for our family. They love to check the dog’s bowl for scraps of rice or roti, besides eating from their own bowl of bajra millet on the terrace. I love their boisterous

28 November, 2016 | Views: 19063

Birdwatching in Laxmanpuri, Lucknow Journal 1

Tree Pie

When I first saw the water hen on the bamboo, it was the first time I saw any water hen. I looked up picture books on birds, and found her looking out of the book ‘ Joys of Bird Watching’ published by National Book Trust. This is how I came to know

09 November, 2012 | Views: 4681

Birds around IITK, Uttar Pradesh Photo Journal

brown headed barbet at IITK, in Kanpur, Gangetic plains, North India

A cool canal just outside IIT Kanpur provides the perfect setting for feathered friends to thrive in. The birds seen here are a common sample of the fauna of the Gangetic plains. Crows, mynas, sparrows, babblers, warblers, barbets, bee eaters,

19 June, 2010 | Views: 13921

Destination Ladakh, Photo journal

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