A lazy gardener's method to have a blooming rooftop garden in January

Narcissus in my rooftop garden in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, North India

The garden is productive because of the little time spent in daily watering, pruning dry twigs from shrubs (Chinese orange, roses, poinsettia, Shatavari), pruning the chrysanthemums thrice in the year, and emptying the seeds collected from last year

11 January, 2012 | Views: 6446

October Garden, Survivors’ Show

Cockscomb growing in a Lucknow Rooftop garden in October

A single plant can give you hundreds of new plants in the next season if the seeds are preserved in a dry, airtight container. And there’s no saying where the new plants will pop up from previous year’s seeds scattered by the plant itself.

26 October, 2010 | Views: 14129

Cypress Vine in my garden in Lucknow, North India

Cypress Vine or Cardinal Vine india

In the monsoon rains, cypress vine seeds have germinated on their own from the seeds dropped during summer. This vine is a hardy resident in my garden. It requires very little care. It simply knows when to sprout, and how to bloom! A liberal dose of

21 August, 2010 | Views: 15160

Flower Gardens of Nainital in July, Kumaon Himalaya Photo Journal

Hydrangea, Flora of Nainital, The Naini Retreat , Kumaon Himalaya

The Uttarakhand High Court, Boat Club, Naina Devi temple, parks around Mall Road, Gurney House and The Naini Retreat Hotel were some of the places I found these flowers growing. Hydrangeas, geraniums, dahlias, lilies, roses, margaritas, fuschias,

20 July, 2010 | Views: 45885

Sun-tolerant Flowering plants in North Indian summer garden, Lucknow Photo Journal

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