Lucknow gharana kathak dance

Kathak Guru Birju Maharaj

Lucknow Gharana Kathak presided by Pandit Birju Maharaj and Pandit Arjun Misra retains its classical yet experimental nature. Kathak is a famous classical Indian dance from North India. It's traditional schools flourishing in Lucknow, Varanasi and

17 August, 2009 | Views: 41517

Safe Motherhood Day with Shovana Narayan

Shovana Narayan, Kathak guru

On 11th April, 2009 we’ll find Shovana performing ‘Bhroon ki pukar’, portraying a fetus's call for support for Safe Motherhood, in a country where maternal-mortality rates are still a drain. She will be accompanied by Shakeel Ahmed Khan on tabla,

04 April, 2009 | Views: 8559

Shovana Narayan on Kathak...

Shovana Narayan Kathak

Shovana Narayan's Kathak performances attempt to bridge the gap between scriptural stories and their relevance today. "Surdas' Bal Krishna asked for the moon. And just look at it, don't today's children also ask for the impossible to be given to

15 April, 2008 | Views: 7694

You should be dancing

Dance gives you a positive body language, and improves presence of mind at the same time. Through it we connect to our true nature and our ego gets dissolved. And we can access and correct the imbalance that affects life from the outside. As

10 April, 2008 | Views: 5589

    Rangoli pattern in chalk, 3, India Photo journal

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