Lucknow Photo Journal

Roomi gate, Lucknow

Real life politics, gracious Tehzeeb, Nawabi lifestyle, grand edifices, valour and patriotism of the year 1857, Urdu poetry, Hindi literature, music as in Thumri, Ghazal, Khayal; history of musical instruments: Tabla, Sarangi, Sitar; Kathak dance,

21 January, 2010 | Views: 25724

Rooftop garden in November, North India Photo journal

Hawain baby woodrose, white floral climber

Keeping my rooftop garden in Lucknow is an enjoyable activity. And well, therapeutic. Everyday there is something new to appreciate. And I appreciate the creator of this world through the magic I see in plants growing from seed, blooming flowers and

12 November, 2009 | Views: 40116

Roza mubaaraq from Lucknow


Where as, the men bond at mosques, eateries and cultural evenings, the women claim their share with wild shopping and preparing special treats for Aftaari. "The Sehari is a light affair with milk and lachhe and boiled eggs. But the Aftaari with

25 August, 2009 | Views: 8024

गुरुवर हम भी शरणागत हैं Hindi Guru Bhajan lyrics and tune

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