Ants in my garden


Dozens of anthills in my garden are witness to the thriving ant population in all its variation under the blazing summer sun. Hats off to the inhabitants who go about their daily lives oblivious to the soaring mercury, power-cuts, absence of ACs

25 January, 2009 | Views: 4138

Tropical almond - Badam tree in the Indian plains

tropical indian almond badam tree

“A Badam (Almond) tree in the plains is quite a novelty”, my father told me; and for a ten year old it became a matter of pride and adoration. The young tree spread its roots and announced its approval of living conditions in our Lucknow garden with

12 January, 2009 | Views: 20830

Travel guide - Dudhwa National Park

Flora of Dudhwa National Park

Butterflies by the dizzy hundred prance around on fairy-wings in the shrubbery. Monitor lizards and pythons meditate in quiet solitude. Hispid hares scurry in dark undergrowth. Crocodiles sun themselves on sandy riversides. Otters gurgle with joy at

24 September, 2008 | Views: 19006

Summer blooms - Amaltas

Amaltas blooms yellow

In his books, Ruskin Bond talks about his longing for the jolly sight of Amlatas, Gulmohar and Jacaranda during his jaunt abroad. Sure enough, he returned to India as soon as he had made enough money for the journey home. The Amaltas  adds many

29 July, 2008 | Views: 10140

Krishna Bhajan by Surdas, sung by Ashwini Bhide

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