How to make cooling drink Sugarcane Sherbet at home to pacify Pitta

Sugarcane Sherbet

Sugarcane Sherbet is my favourite cooling drink in summer! I just got home from a walk in the sun to the polling booth and back. My name could not be found in the voters’ list for Graduate MLC elections. I was hot, sweating and really angry.

21 March, 2014 | Views: 4836

Why should I bother to correct high pitta

cauliflower is a good pitta pacifying food

Pitta is responsible for our discretion faculty, the fire of discretion. It also affects the fire of mind and body metabolism, vision, perception and digestion. Regular mealtimes with a pitta pacifying menu is recommended. Reduce sour and astringent

22 September, 2010 | Views: 10995

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