Rooftop garden in November, North India Photo journal

Hawain baby woodrose, white floral climber

Keeping my rooftop garden in Lucknow is an enjoyable activity. And well, therapeutic. Everyday there is something new to appreciate. And I appreciate the creator of this world through the magic I see in plants growing from seed, blooming flowers and

12 November, 2009 | Views: 41132

North Indian Garden calendar for July

Canna flowers in flower bed, garden calendar, north india, july

The garden which depended on tough ones like bougainvillea, hibiscus, madhu-malati, portulaca and periwinkle for colour in May can now prepare itself for a new look. This is the right time to check the local nursery for young jasmine plants of Bela,

19 June, 2009 | Views: 41399

Thank you, Bad luck

laughter therapy

This Sunday brought my family a super dose of bad luck, so to say, if you look at the sequence of events… The result though is priceless mirth. Thank you.

03 September, 2008 | Views: 7418

Why Herb-gardens find a place in city life

Tulsi flower Ayurvedic Medicine

Urban homes are discovering the benefits and joys of growing medicinal plants and herbs in their gardens. Medicinal flora like shankhpushpi, sadabahar, brahmi, amla, tulsi, pudina, ajwain, lemon grass, neem, haldi, kali mirch, aloe vera and wheat

06 July, 2008 | Views: 18900

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