Walkabout Town - Annapolis, Maryland

Annapolis in Maryland proved a perfect weekend destination from Washington DC :-)

From Washington DC to Annapolis

Virginia and Maryland are the two neighbouring states of Washington D.C. Many suburban areas of D.C. fall in the state of Maryland but the capital city Annapolis is a good two hours drive away. Historically, the U.S. is comparatively a very young country but the historical sights are extremely well preserved and people take pride in their legacy.

Roses bloom in every possible nook and the street lamps have baskets laden with bright flowers.

Annapolis is a charming city with old, well preserved buildings and churches.The narrow streets are bustling with tourists on weekends and holidays.

All through summer the roses bloom in every possible nook and the street lamps have baskets laden with bright flowers.

Marina Landing

The city is famous for it's Marina, and for the fact that the earliest batches of immigrants landed in the country at this port.

Marina remains Annapolis' star attraction. It is fun to stroll there and to watch the pleasure boats parked there. Some of the boats are almost as big and as well appointed as a two storey house with their owners lazing around with their friends and pet dogs on the decks on a Sunday afternoon.

Guided ferry tours of the entire coastal range are also available that show the historic landing sights.

Walking around Marina landing, Annapolis, Maryland

Life alongside Chesapeke Bay

Annapolis is known for excellent sea food and the Marina area is dotted with restaurants serving seafood delicacies. Most of them have open air seating and it is fun to sit there and watch the ocean, the seagulls and families of fat ducks waddling on the road without a care in the world.

Curio shops here are a riot of colour selling souvenirs that celebrate the sea in some form or the other.

Cultural roots

Shalini Chandra and Yogesh Chandra in Annapolis, Maryland

Bringing slaves from Africa is the most poignant part of American history, and Annapolis features prominently in it. If you have read the novel Roots the author traces his descent to a slave named Kunta Kinte and the ship carrying him had landed in Annapolis. There is a monument and a museum in his memory.

The monument reminds us of human greed and insensitivity but as we leave it and walk towards the jetty, the colourful and carefree ambience tells us that man can and does rise above his baser instincts.

Travel facts

Video sight-seeing

Founded in the year 1649, Annapolis is known for its fine architecture from the 17th century. It also has the historic homes of all four Maryland signers of the Declaration of Independence. It is also home to the United States Naval Academy which was founded in the year 1845. St. John's College, founded in 1696 as King William's School and the third oldest institution of higher learning in the USA is also here in Annapolis. Chesapeke Bay adds to Annapolis' history and defines its present.

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