Vindhyachal festival and fairs annual calendar

Melas at Vindhyachal: Fair colours

Fairs or Melas rejuvenate Vindhyachal round the year. The area covers the districts of Mirzapur, Sonbhadra and Chandauli in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India. They are occasions of spiritual relevance celebrated with undying faith. Twice a year, Navratri is a special splash of colour, sound and fragrance to celebrate Shakti-Puja in Vindhyachal. Navratri, Makar Sankranti, Holi, Dushehra, Shivratri, the month of Savan, are all joyous occasions to bathe in festive gaiety here.

Navratri, Shivratri and Kajli festivals are the best time to visit Vindhyachal.

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Adventure Trails in Vindhyachal

Forts of Vindhyachal

Prehistoric cave art and tribes of Vindhyachal

Map: Mirzapur

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Vindhyachal is on the banks of River Ganga. The temple of Vindhyavasini is an ancient Shaktipeeth. Vindhyavasini, Kali-Khoh and Ashtabhuja temples are the three main Shakti temples here. Vindhyachal is in District Mirzapur in Uttar Pradesh. It is accessible by train, and the closest airports are at Varanasi and Patna.

Vindhyachal festival


Kurari is 14km from Agori across River Son
Shiv Dwar is 46 km from Robertsganj.
Agori is 35 km from Robertganj.
Salkhan Fossil Park is 15 km from Robertsganj-Renukoot Road.
Kaimoor Wildlife Sanctuary is 3 km from Robertsganj.
Chandraprabha Wildlife Sanctuary is 70 km from Varanasi.
Varanasi-Vindhyachal: 80 km
Allahabad-Vindhyachal: 95 km
Varanasi-Chunar: 40 km
Mirzapur-Chunar:45 km
Chunar-Shakteshgarh fort: 25 km
Varanasi-Vijaigarh fort: 70 km
Robertsganj-Vijaigarh fort: 20 km
Robertsganj-Agori fort: 35 km

Festival-Fair calendar - Vindhyachal

Festival/Fair Date/Season Location Specialty
Agori /Gothani mela The whole week starting 8th January Agori Tribal dances, food and lifestyle
Gauri-Shankar Mela The whole week starting 8th January 8 Km from Kaimoor Sanctuary Tribal dances, food and lifestyle
Navratri mela Biennial 9 day celebration in March and October Vindhyachal-Vasini temple Worship of feminine divinity
Savan mela All Mondays in the Indian month of Savan (August/September) Vindhyachal-Vasini temple  
Shitla Devi mela Aghan Shukla Monday Gadbara Devi temple on Rewa road Worship of feminine divinity

Vaman Ekadashi mela

  Vaman Dev temple, sangam of Ojhla and Ganga, near Mirzapur  
Dushehra mela Dushehra/October Panchmukhi Mahadev temple near Bariaghat at Mirzapur Ramlila
Shivratri February Tarkeshwar Nath in Mirzapur Festival of Shiv-Parvati
Shiv Dwar Mela The festival of Shivratri in February

Shiv Dwar,

46 kms from Robertsganj

Festival of Shiv-Parvati

Kite fair Aghan sudi 4, November Pyarelal Pokhra, Rewa Road, 5 kms from Mirzapur Flying kites…
Kurari Mela Biennial Navratri festival Kurari, 14kms from Agori fort across River Son

Tribal culture,

Local mileu

Shravan mela July/August Tarkeshwar Nath in Mirzapur  
Vindhyavasini jayanti/ Kajli mela

Bhadra Krishna 2 in August

Kajarhava ka pokhra, Mirzapur Indian music: Kajri festival

Nag Panchami mela

Kajli mela

Nag Panchami-August


Vindhyavasini temple Culture-peep

Bariyaghat mela




Bariyaghat, Mirzapur

Festive gaiety

Kantit Sharif Urs Islamic month of Rajab 5-7

Kantit village, near Mirzapur

Festival of Sufi saint Ismail Chishti


Lohndi mela

Every Saturday in Savan

Lohndi Mahabir near Mirzapur

Fair on the last Saturday is grand

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