Chandrabhooshan Tewari

Chandrabhushan tewari 

Dressed in khadi kurta pyjama, and a canvas bag over his shoulders, Acharya Chandra Bhushan Tiwari  is following his life’s mission of nurturing plants and children, the future of the earth.

A trained teacher, an 'Acharya' in Sanskrit and a nationally acclaimed social worker, Tiwari ji was appointed in one of the branches of Central School in Orrisa in 1993. One day he thought that who would like to teach children who do not have the privilege of education. He quit his job, returned to Lucknow and started teaching   kids of daily wage labourerss, vegetable vendors, maid servants, rickshaw pullers and the like. On noticing that the children did not get sufficient food at home, he made some nutritious food such as sprouted grains to all the students coming to his school Vivekanand Bal Vidyamandir situated in EWS houses at Sec M-1 Ashiyana, Lucknow. It was not an easy commitment, but Tiwari's credentials were honoured by benevolent souls in the city and they contributed by sending a cash or kind gift for his school to celebrate a joyous occasions in their family.

Tiwari ji has also taken up tree plantation as his second mission in life. Till date he has planted more than a lakh plants in Lucknow and makes them thrive by creating awareness in society and promoting volunteerism to take care of those tree saplings. He encourages people to plant vegetables in whatever space is available to them.

Discovery channel has made a documentary film on his extraordinary contribution to enrich environment.

Tiwari ji sees a brighter tomorrow with the emancipation of unprivileged people through education and commitment to planting trees and organic vegetable gardens. His mission is by people from all walks of society, religion and beliefs.

How you can help

He requests for old clothes, food and financial support for his two schools.

Chandra Bhushan Tiwari Resident of 3/69 Rajni Khand, Sharda nagar, Lucknow
Mobile: 9415910029

• Running two schools for underprivileged children at EWS houses, Sec M-I Ashiyana and Salehnagar, Bangla bazar, Lucknow
• Plantation of Peepal, Pakad, Bargad, Aam, Jamun, Mahua, Kathal, Bel, Maulshri, Chitvan, Neem trees replacing withered away trees planted by government agencies in tree guards.
• Plantation in protected premises such as Police lines, Navodaya Vidyalay campus, Amity University, PAC battalion campus, PGI, Fire stations, open residential houses, colonies and parks in Lucknow
• Delivered lectures and planted trees at various schools in Hoshangabad, Raisen and Bhopal.
• Addressed students and staff of Sommaiyah College, Mumbai
• Governor of UP Sri BL Joshi invited and honored Tiwari after reading about his activities in the local newspapers
• Honored with Godfrey Phillips Bravery award for outstanding contribution
• Associated with acclaimed Gandhian social worker Sri SN Subbarao

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