Birds of Lucknow by Shivani Kalra

Lucknow, has beautiful green areas in the heart of the city, including the NBRI (National Botanical Research Institute), Lohia Park, the Cantt area, Kukrail, Forest department nurseries, and many other green pockets in the grey cityscape. Shivani Kalra shares her photos of the happy, urban birds and squirrels here.

tit in lucknow by shivani kalra[6]

Kingfisher in Lucknow

kingfisher in lucknow by shivani kalra

Peacock in Lucknow

peacock in lucknow by shivani kalra

Squirrel in Lucknow

squirrel in lucknow by shivani kalra

Owl in Lucknow


Shivani Kalra is an amateur photographer based in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India. Post Graduated from Lucknow University. She  loves exploring new places and reading fiction.                      

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