Of New Year Resolutions…

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New Year is here with its trail of resolutions to lose weight, eat right, drop smoking, study hard, have a positive outlook in life, take care of parents, get rid of abusive language, dress well, have fun all the time…!
            Whew! As little as a single resolution can be a nagging load, if left in the mind and not acted upon. And the result of course is double-deadly. To make the resolution a raving success, think twice and yet again of whether you really want to make one in the first place!
            If you think a resolution worth making, then do your home-work thoroughly if you want to pass with flying colours. It's akin to an examination that you study for, write the question-paper, answer questions and give marks; ALL BY YOURSELF! With so much freedom at hand, cheating would not be a wise idea 'coz you'll only be cheating yourself.
            Resolutions are well-meant promises to oneself according to one's intuitive needs. Knowing what is right for you is so empowering! Now go a step ahead and plan to fulfill your intuitive needs.
            If you already know what is right for you, it wouldn't be difficult to apply yourself consciously and use available resources, information, books, friends and family to steer you towards fulfillment of your innate needs.
            Wisdom down time comes through in my granny's tale about two birds who lived near a hermit's hut in a jungle. They were rare birds, and very beautiful. Because a hunter lived nearby, the hermit warned the birds by telling then daily, 'If the hunter spreads his net, don't fly into the net or you will die.'
            The birds learnt to chant the warning. One day when the hermit returned from his wanderings in the jungle, he found the birds caught in the hunter's net; still chanting the warning, 'If the hunter spreads his net, don't fly into the net or you will die.'
            Surely we are not bird-brains and know what we're talking about and have the power to act accordingly. Or else, the hunter our negligence strikes and we waste a life-time's opportunity to rise and improve our present status-physically, emotionally, materially and spiritually.
            Cheers to a New Year guided by uplifting thoughts and actions! Happy New Year.

Anisha Sharma
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