Turmeric Orange Honey Ayurvedic Salad recipe

turmeric orange honey salad ayurvedic recipe

Made this lovely, quick, healthy sweet at Gurgaon in my friend Gauri Sarin’s kitchen in mid February this year. It was so refreshing and helped me get over indigestion too.

Gauri was just back from a leisurely trip to Sikkim. Her kitchen counter had a mini sack of fresh turmeric rhizomes from Sikkim, and a jar of honey picked up from the newly started Harit hub, Farmers’ market at Gurgaon. Februray bounty brought in oranges too!

Before she could send me off with a tiffin packed with homemade Khichri to the Krishi Unnati Mela 2018, where I was helping out at the Sri Sri Agricultural Sciences and Technology Trust’s stall for educating farmers about Natural farming, I made this zingy treat for her.

Just peeling and chopping the fresh turmeric was a whole new aromatic experience. 1 heaped tablespoon of turmeric jullienes (finely sliced like matchsticks) with 3 oranges diced and 2 tablespoons of honey, all muddled together in a ceramic bowl was a lovely accompaniment to breakfast.

Pitta increasing turmeric and honey with flavourful oranges rich in phytonutrients, this makes for a lovely start to a winter morning.

Looking forward to making it again next winter, let me store this recipe here for me and you:)

Thanks, Gauri. Happy tripping!

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