Krishna Bhajan by Surdas, sung by Ashwini Bhide

He gave me his heart and stole mine. Surdas (the lady in this bhajan) says, after taking my heart, all that I had, Prabhu Krishna smiled and sped away on his chariot. सुंदर सदन सुख सदन श्याम को निरख नयन मन ठाग्यो...

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Guru Paduka Stotra video and Sanskrit lyrics

अनंत संसार समुद्र तार नौकायिताभ्यां गुरुभक्तिदाभ्यां। वैराग्य साम्राज्यद पूजनाभ्यां नमो नमः श्री गुरु पादुकाभ्यां॥१॥

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Born Free by Matt Monro, video and lyrics

Born Free is a movie about Elsa, a lioness and her owners’ attempt to teach her to live in the jungles of Kenya. They did not wish to send her to a zoo for a captive life. Born free. As free as the wind blows. As free as the grass

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National Botanical Research Institute Chrysanthemum and Coleus Show, 2009