Exploring Khurpatal in Kumaon Himalaya, Photo journal

If you love serenity, then Khurpatal is just the place for you.

Close to the bustling and popular hill station Nainital in Kumaon Himalaya, Khurpatal seems a secret haven hidden in the hills, that is why it is still echoing with the sounds of nature and not the machine age man and his  boisterousness. If you love serenity, then Khurpatal is just the place for you.

A few, simple and helpful village folk are seen engaged in vegetable farming. Rejuvenating the spirits, quiet and greener more so after the rains Khurpatal is a welcome change one can long for.

The route to Khurpatal is lined with tall trees. Many of them growing by the sheer drop by the road seem to be standing there by luck!

Khurpa taal near Nainital

Living on the edge!

Khurpa taal Kumaon Himalaya 

Our first glimpse of the emerald delight! A bird's eye view

Resort at Khurpatal

We stayed here - The Dynasty Resort

Pine tree at Khurpatal Uttarakhand

View from our resort's balcony. Clouds and hills playing Hide 'n' Seek!

Khurpatal lake Kumaon Himalaya Uttarakhand

At last we reached Khurpatal just a 5 minute walk from our resort. Surrounded by tree-full hills in various hues of green.

Trees by Khurpatal

Lakeside Khurpa taal near Nainital

A rustling of leaves gives the place a musical background which is overpowering!

Time for a Photo-session!

Study Hall teachers at Khurpa taal

View from our trekking route with the resort in the background

Khurpa taal lake

And clouds are back on the terraced slopes

Step farming at Khurpa tal Uttarakhand

On our way to the water fall

Bhavna Virendra

And higher we go...

Water fall at Khurpatal, Kumaoan Himalaya

Spring in Kumaon Himalaya

A view of the waterfall was so refreshing!

Himalyan spring water Uttarakhand

And down the water goes!

Dr Urvashi Sahni

And here we are - all joshed up! and eager to linger around the water.

Travel guide

Map: Khurpatal

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By Air: The nearest airport is at Pant Nagar, which is 71 km from Nainital.
By Rail: The nearest Railway Station is at Kathgodam, which is 35 km from Nainital.
By Road: Khurpatal can be reached through Nainital. Nainital is well connected by surface network with other towns and cities like Almora, Nainital, Bhimtal, Haldwani, Kathgodam, Moradabad, Ramnagar and Delhi.

[Photo credit: Swati Sharma]

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