Inventure Academy Bangalore

Inventure Academy Bangalore (2)

When I visited Inventure Academy to assist an Art of Living session for teenagers with Mr Rajendra Gandhi, I was mesmerised by the campus set in tune with nature. Most of the building has plenty of daylight. Children’s artwork on every bit of wall

04 March, 2015 | Views: 6860

6 Flowering shrubs of India that are not eaten by cattle

temple tree flower

A garden hanging over the wall into the street could attract stray goats or cows to chew your flowering shrubs. Rest easy, if you have planted Plumeria (Temple tree), Chandni, Oleander, Kaner, Madar (Milkweed) and Manokamini, to name a few.

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जपहिं नामु जन आरत भारी। मिटहिं कुसंकट होहिं सुखारी॥