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I appreciate the creator of this world through the magic I see in plants growing from seed, blooming flowers and giving more seeds :-)

Keeping my rooftop garden in Lucknow is an enjoyable activity. And well, therapeutic. Everyday there is something new to appreciate. And I appreciate the creator of this world through the magic I see in plants growing from seed, blooming flowers and giving more seeds :-)

Hawain baby woodrose, Argyreia nervosa

Hawain baby woodrose, white floral climber

This climber is a sturdy one. It grows well as a curtain in a regular garden. It has mauve flowers which give fruit that look like wood roses.


Gulmehndi in my rooftop garden, Lucknow, India

Gulmehndi is blooming in many shades of pink, red, peach, mauve and a pristine white. The seed pods burst open, and used to be a favourite even when I was a kid. Gulmehndi is an annual with flowers appearing in September-October, and are used in Durga puja along with hibiscus and jasmines. Speaking of jasmines, only chameli is blooming right now. The Bela, mogra and juhi are resting after the monsoon flowering.

Cock's comb

Cockscomb flower,rooftop garden, Lucknow

Cocks comb, Lucknow, India garden

Cock's comb are healthy winter annuals that spring up on their own each season, presumably from seeds from last year's blooms fallen in the mud. I tried some hybrids in cock's comb from Sandeep's Nursery in Mahanagar. The flowers were gorgeous in yellow, orange and scarlet, but the seeds did not grow next year like the desi pink variety does every year :-(

Cypress Vine

Cypress vine in my rooftop garden, Lucknow, India

This star shaped red flower has been a childhood favourite. Couldn't get one to thrive in my garden till now. Over-watering kills this delicate vine.


Vishnukanta in my rooftop garden, Lucknow, India

These cobalt blue flowers with pea-like pods for seeds have a way of multiplying like crazy!


Zinia in my rooftop garden, Lucknow, India

Summer zinias are still doing great in November. This was planted late, though.

Name, please?

red flower in my rooftop garden, Lucknow, India

I haven't found this flower's name. I first saw it growing in the Himalayas…

Mirchi gurhal, hibiscus

Mirchi hibiscus in my rooftop garden, Lucknow, India

This variety of hibiscus does well for puja offerings.


Alamanda in my rooftop garden, Lucknow, India

My Alamanda is still not very tall, but looking forward to it growing into a big, healthy climber :-)


Ixora on my rooftop garden, Lucknow, India

White rose bush

White rose bush in rooftop garden, India


Chameli jasmine in rooftop garden, India


Kaner in rooftop garden, India, Lucknow

Kaner belongs to the oleander family, and cows and goats roaming the street do not eat this shrub turned tree. Though it doesn't matter now that I have it growing on my rooftop :-)

Kaner finds mention in Puranic literature in Sanskrit. Srimad Bhagwat mentions kaner flowers used

Jafri marigold

Marigold in bloom in November, Lucknow, India

Hawain ginger lily

Butterfly lily in Lucknow garden India

Hawain ginger lily

Hawain ginger lily in Lucknow garden, India

These ginger lilies scent the whole place :-) I got them from Tiger Camp Resort, Jim Corbett National Park, Ramnagar, Kumaon Himalaya.

Rama tulsi

rama tulsi in kartik, Lucknow, India

This is the time for tulsi puja as Kartik Tulsi ekadashi is here, and my tulsi is doing great :-)


Papaya tree with fruit in my home garden, Lucknow, India

Strictly speaking, this papaya tree is not on my rooftop, but it comes pretty close :-) This grew from one of the few seeds I dropped after eating a delicious papaya.

Madhu malati

Madhu malati flowers

This Madhumalati climber frames my house :-). It grows near the gate and comes up to the roof, bringing with it bees, squirrels and saprrows… It flowers in change of seasons. Minus the extreme heat and cold it is always in bloom.

[Photo credits: Swati Sharma]

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