Pani ghat in January, Vrindavan Photo journal

Pani ghat, close to Pani gaanv (village) on the banks of Yamuna in Vrindavan, is a little off the Parikrama marg near Tatiya sthan. It is roughly behind Rangnathji temple. Visitors to Devraha Baba Ashram, cross the river here to reach the ashram. A boatride is standard transportation, though Brajwasis, especially boatmen can easily swim across.

The dust-track from Dhobi ghat to Pani ghat

Tree on the dusttrack to Pani ghat

This tree is a landmark on this path. It is a resting place for animals and people alike. Because in Vrindavan the dust is considered sacred, people don't mind sitting on the ground.

A field of flowers for the Lord of Vrindavan

Margarita flower fields at pani ghat, Vrindavan

Women plucking flowers to send to temples.

Taking a break

Women of Vrindavan, India

A sunny January morning in Vrindavan's Pani ghat. While washermen and women hang out the washing, some women take to plucking flowers from fields blooming with margarita and marigold blooms. And this braj-gopi here has a uprooted a fresh raddish too!

Girls of Vrindavan, India

Quiet and alone but never lonely in Vrindavan

A sadhu on his way back from Pani ghat, River yamuna, Vrindavan, India

The presence of Krishna in one's consciousness is an inevitable experience in Vrindavan, especially in less frequented places like Pani ghat, Tatiya sthan and Devraha Baba ashram. The crowded parts of Vrindavan, as well as the open fields and riverfront, have different opportunities for Krishna-connect.

Wheat fields at Pani ghat, Vrindavan

Wheat fields at Pani ghat, Vrindavan

This man working in the wheat field has sent a jovial invitation to all to be in Vrindavan for Holi (1st March 2010). Brajwasis love yaatris.  

The dust of Vrindavan

Braj dhool Braj raj

Approaching Pani ghat, banks of River Yamuna, Vrindavan

Wheat fields at Pani ghat Vrindavan

The white monument across the river is Devraha Baba'a samadhi.

Red wattled lapwings, stilts and ducks in January on River Yamuna, Pani ghat

Winter birds in Vrindavan, Birdwatching

Tatiya Sthan: Sri Mohini Bihariji's temple

Tatiya Sthan  Sri Mohini Bihariji's temple

Tatiya sthan is part of an old forest. Trees, climbers, monkeys and sand provide a perfect setting for Sri Mohini Bihari ji's raag seva. There is no electricity inside the temple. And it closes as dusk.

Food is still cooked on a wooden fire here. In summer palm leaves are wrapped in fine muslin to make hand fans to keep off the heat. Sitting on the sand here with eyes closed gives a great sense of peace and joy and proximity to Krishna.

Map: Pani ghat, Vrindavan

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