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Jaunpur Fort

On the banks of River Gomti, Purana Shahi Qila in Jaunpur (Uttar Pradesh) in an ASI protected monument. This fort is said to have been built by Firoz Shah Tuglaq. The fort is surrounded by four walls and has a beautiful mosque made from pillars from Hindu temples.

Jaunpur Fort

Jaunpur Fort

Jaunpur is a small town in Eastern Uttar Pradesh. It is about 50 km from Varanasi and is famous for Sharquie architecture.

When I was a child, I met the queen of Jaunpur in her Lucknow home. She was a very pleasant lady and was called Rani Sahiba by one and all. Her home was full of royal insignia, silverware, carpets and many stuffed animals, from the times of Rajas and shikar tales.

Her son, Sri Avanindra Dutt Dubey is now the Raja Sahib of Jaunpur. Visiting their home in Jaunpur, Raja Sahib ki Haweli is indeed a special treat.

Places to see in Jaunpur: Gomti River, Shahi Bridge, Akbari Bridge, Shitla Chokiya dham, Yamdagni Ashram, Mosques from the Medieval period: Atala masjid, Jami masjid, Lal darwaza masjid, Khalis Mukhlis masjid, Shahi Qil, Khwab-gah, Dargah Chishti, Pan-e-Sharif, Jahangiri Masjid and the tombs of the Sharquie Sultans

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