Maha Shivratri - Who is Shiva ? What is Shivatatva ? Explained by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


Q. Gurudev who is Shiva ? What is Shivatatva ?

Sri Sri : I would rather ask "What is not Shiva !" Is Shiva some person sitting somewhere ? No. Shiva is whole universe. There is no way you can be out of Shivatatva anytime. Shiva is "Vishwaroopa".

The entire universe is of his form and yet he is formless. How can you know him ? Through "Omkara". Through primordial sound of Universe. It's not just sound but primordial sound. Only in deep meditation u can realise Shiva. Through penance and yoga you can know Shiva.

There is a story -- Once Brahma and Vishnu fought to find Shiva. Brahma said I will find his head and you find his feet. Hence, Vishnu and Brahma went to find his head and feet and undergone thousands of years They did not find anything and finally met each other. There was no end and no beginning and they finally found Shivalanga which is the icon of it.

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