Pelling, the capital of ancient Sikkim

By Dheeraj Gupta

A stop at Pemayangste and Sanga Choling Monastries, Pelling, Sikkim

Pelling Sikkim monastry

Starting from Soreng for Pelling in Western Sikkim

We were staying at Soreng, West Sikkim District (About 53 Kms. from Pelling). We left for Pelling in the morning 5:45am and reached Pelling at about 8:00am.

In the lap of the Himalayas and close to Mount Kanchanjanga

Dheeraj Gupta, pelling, Sikkim, India 

We halted in-between to witness the scenic, beautiful hills, water falls and sunrise from behind the hills on the way.

Speed on these hill routes is usually 25 to 30 Km per hour. We had packed our breakfast (for a group of 12); bread-butter, jam and tea. We ate those at Rabdentse Site, the beautiful Ruins of the Ancient Palace, which is also famous as  the second capital of Ancient Sikkim.

Rabdentse Site: A palace in Pelling, the ancient capital of Sikkim

sikkim ancient capital

Pelling Sikkim

Before our breakfast at Rabdentse, we had witnessed Pemayangste and Sanga Choling Monastries, in Pelling itself. We couldn’t stay very long as we had to return to Soreng to participate in The Art Of Living Happiness Program (which was scheduled for 2.00pm).

The ancient culture of Sikkim, the beauty of the mountains, the freshness in the air, colours of nature, the water falls…everything…every bit of it was very special to me.

Dheeraj Gupta in Pelling Sikkim India

Map: Pelling, Sikkim

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How to reach Pelling in Western Sikkim

By Road to Pelling: (Pelling is 2150 metres above Sea level)

  • Pelling – Gangtok: 115 Km
  • Pelling – Siliguri: 135 Km
  • Pelling – Geyzing: 10 Km
  • Pelling – Soren: 53 Km

Nearest Railway Station and Airport: Siliguri 135 Km

Special at Pelling: Kanchenjanga festival: 24-26 December every year

Dheeraj Gupta is an Art of Living teacher, travelling all over India to spread awareness and knowledge for living a happy life. He especially enjoys teaching Vedic Mathematics to school and college students.
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