5 things to know about Jungle Babblers in Lucknow, India

jungle babblers in Lucknow bird festival uttar pradesh

Jungle Babblers around my home in Lucknow, make  it festival time every day for our family. They love to check the dog’s bowl for scraps of rice or roti, besides eating from their own bowl of bajra millet on the terrace. I love their boisterous chirp and enthusiasm for life. This is what I know about them now:

#1. Jungle Babblers are known to live for about 16.5 years in captivity.

#2. Their eggs are a bright blue-green.

#3. Jungle Babblers like to stay in groups of 6 to 7. Nice, happy joint families I would say!

#4. Jungle Babblers do not need to migrate. They like their territories. Every treetop, bush, park, rooftop is within their watch. They know what plants you grow in your garden, and what your dog eats for lunch.

#5. A group of Jungle Babblers that visits my home often is currently baby-sitting a cuckoo chick that follows them everywhere demanding food.

jungle babblers in Lucknow India bird festival uttar pradesh (2)

jungle babblers in Lucknow India birdwatching

jungle babblers in Lucknow India

Photo Credits: Nitin Sharma

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