Sundried candied orange peel recipe for orange tea and natural dessert flavouring

candied orange peel

Easy to make orange peel candy in the sun

Useful in an instant aromatic orange tea :)

Sundried orange peel candy recipe By
Instead of making fresh orange zest, I like to keep this sundried orange peel candy handy. Cooking gets quicker, be it tea or cookies :) It has a long shelf life, though it finishes quickly once it gets in the kitchen.

10 ways to enjoy sundried orange peel candy

  1. Minced and added to salads
  2. Tea infusion for a quick, caffeine-free mood-lifter
  3. As a flavouring  in home baked cookies
  4. As a statement ingredient in laddoo with just three ingredients rolled together: dates, orange peel candy and almond powder.
  5. Replaces fresh oranges in Orange kheer. (As citrus fruit should not be cooked with milk as per Ayurveda)
  6. Orange candy julienes go well with vanilla custard
  7. As a garnish on Sandesh (Bengali dessert)
  8. In Dahi Chivda dessert (like Bhog at Sri Jagannath temple, Orissa)
  9. Sandwich with honey, peanut butter and orange peel candy
  10. Roti roll with ghee, jaggery and orange peel candy julienes
Prep Time:  15 minutes
Cook Time:  5 Sunny days

- Orange peel, discarding the inner white part
- Enough raw cane sugar to smother it. 
In a glass jar, layer the sugar and orange peels. Close the lid and give it a nice shake, so that the sugar coats the peels well. Open the lid and cover it with a cotton muslin cloth (like a handkerchief), so that water can evaporate. Stand the glass jar in a bowl of water to prevent ants from getting to the sugar. Keep it on a sunny windowsill. Once a day, shake up the ingredients so that the sugar gets distributed evenly as it melts and gets absorbed into the peels. I use a fork to shake it. When the peel looks all glassy and candied, close the lid tightly and keep it in your kitchen for use in instant recipes. It keeps well forever even at room temperature.
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