36 leafy greens for a fibre rich diet from Chattisgarh, India

I recognise just 12 from this list of 36 greens that are part of traditional meals in the state of Chattisgarh, India :)

chanori bhaji chattisgarh india traditional food

This abundant offering was available outside Banjari Devi temple in Raipur.

aloo bhaji chattisgarh

burre bhaji chatisgarh india - Copy - Copy

burre bhaji chatisgarh india

chattigarh breakfast rice gourd and tinwara bhaji greens

tinwara bhaji

In our 10 day stay at Khajari village, 80 km from Raipur, the capital of Chattisgarh, each meal was an awesome delight! Chattisgarh is known as the rice bowl of India. Fragrant rice was a part of every meal. Sometimes breakfast too found rice flour chila and farha served with Jho jho, a prized regional tomato sauce. More about those lovely dishes later… Right now it is overwhelming enough to see this list of 36 greens, mostly homegrown in the kitchen gardens in village Khajari. This list doesn’t mention the all too familiar coriander and mint, or does it? Please share pictures if you recognise some of the greens. Thank you:)

छत्तीसगढ के 36 भाजी

1. आमारी भाजी । (Ambadi leaves)
2. चेंच भाजी ।
3. तिंवरा भाजी । (Tinwara leaves)
4. चना भाजी । (Gram leaves)
5. लाल भाजी । (Red Amaranthus leaves)
6. खेंडहा भाजी ।
7. गोंदली भाजी ।
8. बोहार भाजी ।
9. मुसकेनी भाजी ।
10. पटवा भाजी ।
11. कजरा भाजी ।
12. मछेरीया भाजी ।
13. चनौरी भाजी ।
14. तिनपनीया भाजी ।
15. कुरमा भाजी ।
16. मुरई भाजी ।
17. चौलई भाजी ।
18. करमता भाजी ।
19. कांदा भाजी । (Onion greens)
20. मखना भाजी ।
22. चुनचुनिया भाजी ।
23. पुतका भाजी ।
24. पालक भाजी । (Spinach leaves)
25. बर्रे भाजी ।
26. गोभी भाजी । (Cauliflower leaves)
27. लहसुवा भाजी । (Garlic leaves)
28. सरसो भाजी । (Mustard leaves)
29. कुसुम भाजी ।
30. चरोटा भाजी ।
31. चिरचिरा भाजी ।
32. उरला भाजी ।
33. गुडरू भाजी ।
34. मुनगा भाजी । (Drumstick leaves)
35. आलू भाजी । (Potato leaves)
36. भथवा भाजी (Lamb’s quarters leaves)
ले देखेस हमर छ.ग. के भाजी
छत्तीसगढ़िया सबले बढिया

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