Flowers at Dhanaulti in May, Serene Garhwal Himalayas on the way to Gangotri

Dhanaulti, a few hours ahead of Mussourie on the road to Uttarkashi is a lesser known Himalayan destination. Well hidden :) by giant deodar trees and cascading starlit skies. A change in flight schedule brought us here. Lucky us! On the way from Mussouri we spotted a few adventure camps, rhododendrons in early bloom, a beautiful ruddy grass which i mistook for buckwheat, and fields of potatoes, all caressed by the late afternoon sunlight and breeze.

On the way to Dhanaulti

harsil in may (91)

Under the shade of the deodars at Dhanaulti

harsil in may (129)

harsil in may (98)

Potato fields near Dhanaulti

potato fields near dhanaulti

Wildflower carpet

flowers and trees a t harsil himalayas india (6)

Iris in May at Dhanaulti!

Iris at GMVN guesthouse dhanaulti

Himalayan roses against the deodars

flowers and trees a t harsil himalayas india (7)

Red grass flowers around Dhanaulti and Mussourie

flowers and trees a t harsil himalayas india (2)

red grass flowers dhanaulti

Morning in the garden at Dhanaulti Heights, a GMVN property at Dhanaulti

harsil in may (121)

The blue iris, a whole hillside of pink and white button sized daisies, and the red grass have become signature memories of Dhanaulti in May for me. Yet to go inside the Eco Park and Forest area…

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