Why Yoga education is a dire necessity

The two modes of our nervous system

  • parasympathetic nervous system (PNS): Rest digest and repair(relaxed)

  • sympathetic nervous system (SNS): Fight or Flight (stressed)

meditation- and- parasympathetic- nervous- system

When the brain feels stress, it activates the SNS to get in fight or flight mode, which means pulling together of available resources to handle the 'Stress'. Blood supply is taken away from digestion and repair activities to the limbs. In stress, the blood flow to the intestines is reduced. That is why stress is related to bad digestion, constipation, headache and overall bad health.

When we feel relaxed, the repair and digest mode, PNS gets activated. Then, blood flow is increased to facilitate digestion, assimilation of nutrition and repairing of the body cells and organ systems.  Naturally, when the 'Rest, Digest and Repair' (PNS) is activated learning becomes easier! Staying healthy becomes easier. Staying happy and useful becomes easier.

Yoga practices, like Sudarshan Kriya, pranayama and meditation activate the 'rest, digest and repair' mode. The brain feels de-stressed and starts the repair and digestion process.

Heart problems?

One of the major cause for heart attacks is long time low-parasympathetic activity i.e. stress. Which means the body did not repair itself for a long time.

Simply put, if we are not meditating, our body is not repairing properly.

The ability to activate the PNS at will is a priceless ability and a gift. Shouldn’t it be taught in schools?

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