How movement increases our immunity


Role of Lymph Nodes in keeping us healthy

  • Tissues put all their waste, dead cells, dead virus/bacteria in the blood.
  • Lymph nodes act like a filter and collect all the waste.
  • There are about 700-800 lymph nodes in our body, from foot upto the neck.
  • These nodes drain into the big lymph node in the navel region which drains into the colon.
  • The 2 fluid systems in our body
    • Blood, has a pump i.e. Heart
    • Lymph, no pump. Lymphatic fluid moves when we move.
  • So movement is very important, if we don't move disease is unavoidable.

Exercise which drain the lymph nodes fastest

Lymph nodes keep the blood healthy and increase our immunity.

"If it moves, it can heal"

"I like to move it move it" Famous Lemur King of Madagascar  :)

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