The Secret of Hanuman ji's strength

बार बार रघुबीर सँभारी। तरकेउ पवनतनय बल भारी।। Sundar Kand 1.6

hanuman-ji-The Secret of Hanuman ji's strength

This amazing Chaupai (line of verse) reveals the power behind Hanuman ji’s strength! This is an insight that Goswami Tulsidas ji gives here, an insight into Hanuman ji’s mind. Hanuman ji had total faith that in all his actions he had Divine guidance and protection because the intention behind his actions is to serve and make others comfortable. ‘Baar Baar Raghubir sambhaari’, again and again Ram keeps him from harm.

‘Baar Baar Raghubir sambhari’ also means that Sri Ram protected every single hair ‘baal’ on Hanuman ji’s body, that is the level of protection he had! the sound and ‘l’ and ‘r’ in Sanskrit are used in several places as interchangeable to be bring a deeper meaning. Not a single hair on Hanuman ji’s tail was singed despite the tail being wrapped with endless cloth,  oil and clarified butter to start a fierce fire that burnt down every bit of the city of Lanka, the kingdom of Raavan. Raavan had ordered Hanuman ji’s tail to be burnt down. He was unjust to Hanuman ji, so the loss was his, not Hanuman ji’s.

Hanuman ji has infallible faith in his Lord to guide him to take correct actions and had faith that he was protected while taking necessary action. So Hanuman ji had no obstacles in the mind. He discovered great strength to accomplish goals because he prayed for timely, Higher guidance.

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