Fascinated by worship at Jain temples

Jain temple worship

The Jain temples in Khajuraho have thriving monasteries attached to them as well as regular daily worship. Our guide gave us some rice to offer inside the temples. He explained that rice is a symbol of abundance and nirvana.

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Exploring Chitrakoot, Photo journal

Bharat Mandir on the banks of Mandakini Ganga, Chitrakut

I sat on the stairs leading to the temple, taking in the morning life at Ramghat. Sadhus, sadhaks, beggars and visitors all took dips on the same ghat, and a local family was down for their daily bath too, with kids being srubbed by older siblings.

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Western group of temples, Khajuraho Photo journal

Light and sound show at Khajuraho

Jagdamba temple is dedicated to Parvati, Shiva’s consort, the divine Mother. It was interesting to see an artist sketching the temple in pen and ink, with a notebook in his lap…

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Pachmarhi, trek to Bee Falls, photo journal

Apsara Vihar bathing pools on the way to Bee Falls, Pachmarhi

Pachamarhi is a rich Sal-forested hill station at a height of 1,100 meters in the Satpura ranges, Madhya Pradesh, India. A trek down to its Bee Falls is recorded in photos here:-)

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Trekking to Jatashankar cave, Pachmarhi - Photo-journal

Shiva by the trek trail to Jatshankar cave

We reached Pachmarhi on a December evening and took to the Jatashankar trek trail soon after. The photos here show the waning light of day. Railed steps lead the way into the Jatashankar valley.The valley is silent except for the echo of temple

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Impressions of Hanuman dhara, Chitrakoot

Langur monkeys at Hanuman dhara, Chitrakut

Chitrakoot is at its best in the rainy season, I was told. Though I was here quite unwittingly in early June, the summer storm and rain salvaged my trip by showing off the really clean and green Chitrakoot, especially the suburbs - hidden by Sal,

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German bakery at Laxman jhula, Rishikesh