Pink and white Kachnar, Bauhinia trees

Pink kachnar flower

Pink kachnar flower

I was first fascinated by these flowers at Bithoor, Kanpur. It was offered at Brahm Khoonti shrine. This was the first kachnar bloom that I saw at close quarters, fragrant, and butterfly like…

I started a herbarium with that kachnar bloom from Bithoor as its first specimen.

Kachnar Bud

Pink kachnar bud

Kachnar buds are found in season in local vegeatable markets. In North India they are used as food when sauteed with spices.

Kachnar seed pods

Kachnar seed pods

White Kachnar

I first saw White Bauhinia at the Prince of Wales Zoological Gardens, Lucknow.

White kachnar bloom

White Kachnar tree in bloom

White kachnar tree

Pink Kachnar tree in bloom

Pink kachnar tree in bloom

Kachnar trees are found almost all over India. They have uses in Ayurvedic and herbal medicine too besides the flowers being used as food. These trees make great roadside or garden trees.

Bauhinia or kachnar belongs to the same family as Gulmohar.


Gulmohar tree in bloom

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