Roza mubaaraq from Lucknow


Where as, the men bond at mosques, eateries and cultural evenings, the women claim their share with wild shopping and preparing special treats for Aftaari. "The Sehari is a light affair with milk and lachhe and boiled eggs. But the Aftaari with

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Lucknow - From Awadhi cuisine to a South Indian menu

Making masala dosa

If there is any cuisine that has given the erstwhile Avadhi food some serious competition and that too on home turf, it is the lip-smacking ensembles from down south. But then the idli, dosa, vada, sambhar have been tantalising the Lucknowi palate

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Back to nature for natural health

We are a hygiene and health conscious society, increasingly depending on packaged foods, mineral water and aerated drinks. Well, what of it? Is health by our side now? Juices in tetrapak, water treated by reverse osmosis, and the rest of our health

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A Punjabi wedding

Punjabi culture is a synonym for fun. Wherever the Punjabis go, they take with them a hearty appetite for good food and warm company. A wedding being an opportunity to indulge in both, Balle balle is the way to go! This was the wedding-season’s

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गोवर्धन गिरधर गोविंद, पुष्टिमार्ग भजन, बहुत पुराना कृष्ण भजन