Bigonia in a garden in the plains, India

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Begonia, a genus of perennial flowering plants of Begoniaceae family has 1400 species! The ones I saw blooming in July in Nainital (Kumaon Himalayas) are much bigger and succulent than the kinds that grow in gardens in the plains of North India – to

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Gazania in North Indian Spring Garden, Lucknow Photo Journal

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Originally, Gazanias come from Africa, and are quite at home in the hot Indian late spring. Love them in my garden in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India. I use saplings from local nurseries outside Motimahal Park or opposite La Martiniere Girls’

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Salvia in North Indian garden, Lucknow Photo Journal

Salvia in North Indian garden, Lucknow

Bright red Salvia Splendens remains my favourite as it is a real hardy plant, and requires little care. It is the most common variety in an Indian garden – red salvia. Lots of sunlight, daily watering (not too soggy) and lots of space to grow (a

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A lazy gardener's method to have a blooming rooftop garden in January

Narcissus in my rooftop garden in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, North India

The garden is productive because of the little time spent in daily watering, pruning dry twigs from shrubs (Chinese orange, roses, poinsettia, Shatavari), pruning the chrysanthemums thrice in the year, and emptying the seeds collected from last year

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Exploring Khurpatal in Kumaon Himalaya, Photo journal