October Garden, Survivors’ Show

Cockscomb growing in a Lucknow Rooftop garden in October

A single plant can give you hundreds of new plants in the next season if the seeds are preserved in a dry, airtight container. And there’s no saying where the new plants will pop up from previous year’s seeds scattered by the plant itself.

26 October, 2010 | Views: 15522

North India, Garden Calendar for April

Portulaca flowers garden

Sunflowers, Mexican sunflowers, portulaca and cochea saplings are now to be planted to replace the fading winter seasonals. Portulaca is particularly great as the succulent leaves preserve moisture despite the strong sun.

30 March, 2010 | Views: 36968

मंगलाचरण, दुर्गति नाशिनी दुर्गा जय जय,काल विनाशिनी काली जय जय #सत्संग #kirtan #devigeet #सनातनधर्म